The right thing for every fur nose

Whether small dogs or big dogs, puppies, old geezers, young hoppers, chilblains and bundles of energy - everyone deserves a cozy and safe retreat. What it looks like depends on the needs of each individual animal, and of course they are always different. We have summarized for you here the differences between our snuggle dreamer cuddly caves and beds and what you should pay attention to.

Every four-legged friend needs their ideal retreat to recharge their batteries. Or would you want to do without your warm bed with a soft mattress when you sleep? Restful sleep is also important for animals in order to be really fit for new adventures the next day.

A dog cave is particularly suitable for large or small animals without an undercoat or with short fur that freeze quickly. In the cozy interior of the snuggle dreamer you can quickly warm up again at any time. For anxious dogs, the cave is a safe haven. If it gets stressful for them, they can crawl away for a moment and watch the hustle and bustle from the outside under the protection of the roof/ceiling. And then there are the four-legged friends who - like us humans - just can't relax after an exciting day. This is especially true for young dogs, puppies and those who live in a busy household with children or other pets. In the protection of the cuddly cave, they can withdraw from the picture and relax.

After a long day we look forward to finally relaxing on the couch. Taking a long nap after a long walk is the perfect reward for dogs – warm and secure. Not only dogs sleep better with snuggle dreamer snuggle caves, but also the owners, who no longer have to get up at night to tuck the shivering dog in his sleeping place. And even if we love our animals, being woken up in the middle of the night because our dog can't get any rest can be really sleep-depriving. You only realize how important good sleep is when you don't have it!

snuggle dreamer caves are primarily tailored to the needs of dogs and designed to be functional - but at the same time they are real design highlights. Because it is important to us to manufacture our products exclusively from high-quality and durable materials. You can also reorder each element in our online shop. A snuggle dreamer cuddly cave consists of three parts: the cover including the "roof", the inner cushion and the tube, which allows your dog to climb into the cuddly cave and cover itself up.

The reference

The duvet covers are available in different variants, colors and washable materials. We have chosen to only use synthetic materials so the snuggle dreamer is less sensitive to dirt and odors. The covers are also removable and machine washable at 40 degrees and then tumble dried (only exception: CaptainFluffy, please do not tumble dry). Because hygiene is a must at the sleeping place! Thanks to the snuggle dreamer easy-clean coating on the Classic, SuperfyZipOff, FreshCave and CaptainFluffy models, light dirt can also be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

The mattress 

The inner cushion is available in two variants: the slightly cheaper standard version filled with polyester curls or with visco foam flakes. Mattresses with polyester curls always regain their shape (even after long naps). For comparison: unlike other mattresses with smooth fibers, polyester curls ensure that the pillow stays voluminous for much longer and does not collapse. And by the way: You can also individually determine the filling quantity of the pillow thanks to a zipper.

The orthopedic inner cushion is filled almost exclusively with Visco foam flakes and a tiny proportion of polyester curls to make it easier to shake. This comfortable memory foam is very pressure-relieving for the spine and joints in comparison and has therefore been used in mattresses for us humans for years. Perfect for seniors and dogs with spine and joint problems. This inner cushion can also be properly kneaded if necessary, so that the Visco foam flakes come loose again and it stays nice and fluffy and does not collapse.

Our dog caves are available for small, large and, of course, medium-sized dogs in sizes M, L, XL and XXL. Starting with a diameter of 65 cm, over 89 cm for medium-sized dogs up to the XXL dog cave with a diameter of 113 cm for large dogs with a back length of up to 90 cm. To find the right snuggle dreamer size for your dog, we have created a size table. You can find these on our website at The table is a guide as to which size is right for your darling. In our online shop, the dimensions are also given for each product. So if you already own a dog cave, you can see which dog cushions fit.

Every dog ​​is different, but there is a snuggle dreamer cave for everyone. We have very different models and variants that you can choose from: The snuggle dreamer dog caves also differ in terms of the degree of warmth. Our models DandyDenim, Classic and SuperfyZipOff are extra warm. The CaptainFluffy model is well suited for animals with a medium heat requirement and the FreshCave cave is for all four-legged friends who like it a little more airy for a siesta. Feel free to browse through our product selection. We have many different materials, colors, sizes - every dog ​​has found the right cave.

In addition to the needs of your four-legged friend, it also plays a role, of course, where the cave should be: inside or outside? Because in the garden or on the terrace, a more robust and optionally also water-repellent or weatherproof material for outdoor caves is of course a must! Of course, all snuggle dreamers can easily be washed in the washing machine. For those who are bothered by dog ​​hair, we recommend matching the color of the inner coat and outer material to the dog's coat. Dog hair is almost invisible. All materials of the snuggle dreamer caves are available in different color variations from which you can choose individually.

But you don't only have many options when it comes to the material of the cuddly cave: If you want to test whether our products fit your darling or if you already have a dog cave, you can take a look at our products from Dellbar by snuggle dreamer. Or how about an extra portion of snuggleness for your darling? Some of our models are super soft & super fluffy, such as the CaptainFluffy variant. And somehow you get something out of it. After all, it's just a cute picture when the dog looks out of its cave with satisfied eyes. That relaxes us right away! When our dog is happy, we are too.

It all started with the snuggle dreamer snuggle cave - but we've steadily expanded our range ever since. First with the "Topless" variants of our caves: CaptainFluffyTopless and FreshTopless - our cushions or dog beds without covers in sizes M, L, XL and XXL (for very large dogs). But the comfort remains the same. Because even with these dog beds you have the choice between a standard and an orthopedic mattress. The latest addition to our range is our Dellbar by snuggle dreamer line, which includes high-sided dog beds and baskets in a range of sizes and colours. A basket or dog cushion or dog bed from Dellbar is equipped with a soft orthopedic cushion. The pillow has been specially developed for the needs of dogs with high demands. You have the choice between five great colours: classic grey, sunny yellow or rather classic beige?

When it comes to colour, you are spoiled for choice: our selection ranges from modern dove to classic grey, black or brown to bright yellow or pink. Because the best for your dog can also look chic, after all dog cushions, baskets, dog beds and dog caves are usually in a prominent place in the living room or bedroom. We want to combine functionality and design. Our products should make you and your dog happy!

Yes, of course! The covers of the snuggle dreamer are removable and, of course, washable. In our online shop you can also order all covers in all sizes individually - if you want a change - for example from gray to blue. And because it is particularly important to us that you and your dog have something from the snuggle dreamer dog caves and dog cushions for a long time, you can also order other individual elements in addition to the covers: such as our inner cushion, the tube and even filling material.

Cats deserve just as much comfort as dogs! And of course our dog caves are also suitable as cat caves. Cats love to look for a cozy place to retreat to, and they choose the cardboard box as their little kingdom. We have something much more comfortable there and are happy when the dog cave becomes a cat cave. We recommend the smallest size for small dogs, size M, as your cat's new favorite sleeping and playing area.

Our dog caves and dog beds are produced in EU countries and sent as consignments with DHL after purchase. Whether small dog, large dog, size XL or XXL, for indoors, outdoors, for cats or dogs - you will find the right product for your needs in our online shop. Browse our shop now and order cheap dog beds, dog caves and dog cushions online!